Tom's Motorbike Home Workshop

"Over the 11 years I’ve been riding and working on motorbikes, I’ve never had a decent space for them. For the most part, I made do with a cold, dark and powerless rented garage to do all my maintenance.

This year we bought our first family home and a proper garage was one of the only things on my “must have” list.

I finally had a place of my own that I could invest in and make it perfect for what I needed. The easiest and most effective of these investments was a proper floor.

Beyond a nice clean look, my biggest requirement was strength, as I use a variety of stands which I needed to be sure wouldn’t damage the flooring. As well as strong enough for heavy units on castor wheels to roll across seamlessly.

After scouring the market and seeking advice on various forums, I kept coming back to these tiles, they almost seemed too good to be true, but review after review suggested they would do the job perfectly.

I opted to lay them myself as it was only a small area, and I already had the recommended tools. I had it all down in a few hours and found the process very satisfying. I did have a little help from my 4 year old son though!

I can’t overstate the difference these make visually and practically, but also there’s an emotional impact. I want to spend time in here, it motivates me to keep working on projects, continue through the colder months and also inspires me to keep the workshop clean and tidy! I’ve been filming and documenting the bike projects on a YouTube channel so a clean space is a lot more appealing!

No more dust, no more ouchy knees and no more excuses to get these bike projects finished!"

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