The Sustainable Garage Floor Tile

At GFTC, we know caring for the environment is equally important to our customers too. That’s why all GFTC tiles, ramps and corners are 100% recyclable.

And because Garage Floor Tile Company tiles are fully recyclable, we’re always happy to take them back at the end of their use and turn them into our range of 100% recycled floor tiles.

Every GFTC product is manufactured by us in Britain, in our factory in Bedfordshire, where we also have our own recycling facility. So, when customers no longer need their tiles, we’ll take-back or buy-back used GFTC tiles and recycle them, free of charge.

Working Together for Zero to Landfill

You may be done with your GFTC floor tiles, but they don’t need to end up in landfill.

  • 100% Recyclable Tiles
  • Free Collection
  • Free Recycling
  • Guaranteed Zero to Landfill
  • No Restriction on Age of Tiles
  • All Four Colours are recyclable

We aim for Zero to Landfill for our floor tiles, so we’re committed to creating a more sustainable flooring solution for our customers. That’s why we’ve created our take-back and buy-back schemes to help our customers reduce their impact on the environment too.

Customers can get in touch when their tiles reach the end of their service life. We’ll then arrange to buy-back or take-back the Garage Floor Tile Company Original floor tiles and recycle them.

You Package Them Up, We’ll Take Them Back**

Let us know how much Garage Floor Tile Company flooring you have. Simply lift the tiles and box them up or palletise them for collection by courier.

How It Works

  1. Count or Weigh Your Tiles, Off Cuts or Ramps
  2. Tell Us How Much You Have
  3. We'll Take Them Back or Buy Them From You
  4. You Box or Palletise Your Tiles
  5. We'll Arrange Collection
  6. They're Recycled in Our UK Factory

Take-Back Scheme

We'll collect & recycle used Garage Floor Tile Company tiles where less than 30m2 or 265kg of tiles, ramps & off cuts.

Free collection. Free recycling.

*Buy-back Scheme

We'll buy your used Garage Floor Tile Company tiles from you, where you have more Than 30m2

or 265kg of tiles, ramps & off cuts.

Free collection. Free recycling. £paid at prevalent market price.


** To Enable Us To Recycle More…

  1. To enable tiles to be recycled, they must not be fixed to the floor with any adhesive substances
  2. Must be Garage Floor Tile Company original tiles
  3. Must be clean and free from grease, oil, dirt, glue, screed contamination or any other substance that will prevent recycling
  4. Must be unmodified and not contain foreign objects such as screws, nails or paint
  5. Customer must box / palletise the tiles for collection by courier or make their own arrangements to return the tiles to Garage Floor Tile Company in Bedfordshire