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Our interlocking PVC floor tiles are made in Bedfordshire.

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Enhance your home workshop comfort


Spend more time on your hobby by reducing fatigue and increasing insulation with our heavy duty,  interlocking workshop flooring.

Whatever you use your home workshop for, a concrete floor is cold and unforgiving. Hard concrete floors contribute to a host of aches and pains including cold, aching feet, sore knees and a stressed, painful back. All of which can mean spending less time on your pastime or project.

Laid straight over your existing hard floor, the tiles provide a much-needed layer of insulation and their anti-fatigue qualities mean you’ll be able to stand for much longer periods. They are resistant to impact, provide excellent thermal and acoustic insulation properties, will help eliminate concrete dust and the non-absorbent surface is quick and simple to clean.

Tiles to suit your layout

Already got your workbenches and heavy machinery in place? Simply tile around your existing layout to save yourself even more time.

Setting up a new home workshop? Garage Floor Tile Company tiles are strong and durable, and you can stand your work bench, machines, lathes etc on top of them.

Home Workshop Flooring

Transform your workshop

Our workshop flooring can help you transform your extra space into the workshop you've always dreamt of. Easy to lay, our heavy duty PVC interlocking floor tiles are designed to make spending time in your garage more enjoyable.

Remove the aches and pains of hard concrete flooring and create a comfortable space to enjoy your hobby.

  • Easily lay over existing floor
  • Reduce fatigue
  • Single colour or mix and match 
  • Easy to install
  • Durable & long lasting
  • 4 colour options to choose from
  • Solid PVC throughout
  • Helps to eliminate dust
  • Easy to maintain 
  • Adds layer of insulation to floor

Easy to install and hassle free

It's quick and easy to install our garage floor tiles as they have tough interlocking joints, allowing you to easily connect the flooring together. Using a measuring tool, cutting tool and mallet, it's easy to create a dust-free usable space. 

Without the need for any adhesives, simply lay the garage floor tiles over existing concrete or a worn painted floor.

Here's a quick video to show how easy it is to install our tiles:

No more damp

Our tiles can easily be applied over cold concrete floors without the need for any special damp proof membranes.

Eliminate Dust

Designed with interlocking joints, our floor tiles keep dust out, ensuring your brand new workshop  is ready for use.

Uneven surfaces

We've got you covered. With our floor tiles, there's no need for preparation. Just patch any large holes and you're good to go.

Putting your safety first

Whether you’re woodworking, using a saw or carrying sharp tools in your workshop, reducing trip or slip hazards is essential. Garage Floor Tile Company's interlocking tiles are non-slip, giving you peace of mind whilst working on your latest project. Spills are bound to happen in a workshop, but the tiles resist most stains and are easy to clean up as they won’t absorb liquids.

Your workshop. Your Way.

With four colours to choose from, you can create a workshop floor bespoke to your needs. Install a single colour throughout, use multiple colours to create a statement checked design, or create different area zones using different colours.

Ready to transform your space?

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