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What are the tiles made from?

How thick are your floor tiles?

What colour options are available?

Can I use the tiles outside?

Does my floor have to be completely flat?

Does it matter if my floor is damp? Do I need to lay down a plastic membrane?

If I Bring Water into The Garage from A Rainy or Snowy Day, will this cause a problem?

Are the tiles available in different sizes?

Can the tiles be personalised with pictures or logos?

Are the tiles easy to remove once installed?

Can the tiles be reused in other spaces?

Are the tiles slip resistant for indoor exercise/activities?

Do the tiles have to be installed in certain temperatures?

Can I get a sample before buying?

Can the tiles be applied to spaces with underfloor heating?

Where are the tiles made?

Are the garage floor tiles flammable?

What are the benefits to GFTC tiles, compared with other flooring solutions?


How do I cut the tiles?

Do You Offer an Installation Service

How many people are needed to install the tiles (if self-assembling)?

Do I need to glue the tiles down?

Do I need to cut around washing machines, tumble dryers etc?

If i dont use glue will the tiles move?

Can you come and measure my floor for me?

How long should I wait after install before using the floor?

After Care

Does the colour of the tiles fade over time?

How long do the tiles last for?

How do I clean the tiles once installed?

In case of spillages, will this get under the tiles and begin to smell?

Do the tiles easily scratch?

Will Car Tyres Stain The Floor?

Can I Use a Car Jack With These Tiles?

How resistant are the tiles to objects being dropped on them (gym weights, tools etc.)?

Is it normal for indentation to occur with heavy objects?

How Can I Prevent Scratches?


How much does delivery cost?

Do you deliver to outside of the UK?

How long does delivery take?

Do I have to sign for my delivery?

What is the lead time for orders?


What payment methods are accepted?

Do you provide finance/credit options?