Jim's Motorbike Home Workshop

Moving into a new house, motorcycling enthusiast, racer and proud Yamaha MT10 owner Jim also needed a new space to house his bike and tools. With a dusty concrete floor in his new garage, Jim needed a long-term flooring solution that would make it more comfortable for him to spend time working on his bike.

“I’m an aircraft engineer, but in my spare time I enjoy riding my bike and also competing in endurance racing on a 125cc aprilia. I enjoy maintaining and modifying my bikes just as much as riding them so having a good quality garage space was vital. It started out as a hobby, but I joined Instagram to document my journey, and share photographs of my bike against a variety of backdrops. Now my page has its own community of fellow motorcyclists.

Who’d have thought?!

I recently moved homes and creating a dedicated space for my bike was at the top of the list of priorities. I was looking for something that looked professional, durable and cool in my pictures, and most importantly a floor that would be comfy and protect my tools in case I drop them.

There were four colour options to choose from and I decided on the graphite colour as it complemented my bike well and made it really stand out.

If you’re spending a lot of time in your garage like I am, it’s important to be comfortable. I’ve found that having the Garage Floor Tile Company’s interlocking floor tiles has made a massive difference and I can spend longer in my garage doing what I love.

Along with other nifty garage storage solutions, Jim was able to use our PVC floor tiles to create a dust free space to store and work on his motorbike from the comfort of his own home.

Jim was really impressed with how the tiles had transformed his garage and was quick to acknowledge he was disrupting his usual Instagram feed of motorcycling photographs as he couldn’t resist sharing pictures of the new space with his followers, “I know it’s not a bike picture, but can we just take a moment to appreciate how good the @garagefloortileco flooring looks! It almost feels a shame to cover it all up with bikes!...”.

If you’re looking for ways to improve time spent on hobbies like working on motorbikes, see how our interlocking flooring can enhance your workshop comfort here or follow us on Instagram and see our latest garage transformations for inspiration.

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