Benefits of PVC Flooring for Your Home Gym

PVC Gym Flooring

Has your home gym been working out for you during lockdown? You may have all the equipment you need, you may still have your motivation and a routine set in place, but have you got a floor that minimises the impact on your joints and maximises your performance?

You need a floor that fulfils your needs. You need a floor that will improve your workouts and will protect both you and your equipment. Although three months in you might think there’s no point in investing in a new floor but if you choose the right one, you’ll have the ideal floor for life, not just for lockdown!

What Flooring Should You Choose for Your Home Gym?

There is no question about it, it has to be PVC gym flooring. Originally designed as garage flooring, it is just as practical and functional in your home gym.

Benefits of PVC Gym Flooring

Easy Installation

You don’t want a flooring option that’s going to take ages to lay, you want an efficient solution that won’t eat into your workout time. PVC flooring is so easy to install, you can do it yourself! It can be fitted over existing concrete without the need for adhesives and it can be done quickly, without any hassle.

Tough and Durable

As mentioned before, PVC flooring was originally designed for garages which means it can handle the weight and friction of vehicles and large equipment. Being tough and durable means PVC flooring will last a long time no matter how repetitive your exercise activities are or how much heavy gym apparatus you use.

Shock and Impact Resistant

To avoid injury and to keep your joints safe, your floor must be shock and impact resistant. Also, you need to have peace of mind knowing that if you accidentally drop a heavy weight, your floor won’t get damaged. Your equipment and limbs can effectively bounce back with PVC flooring due to its anti-fatigue and surface hardness properties.

Simple Cleaning Routine

Your gym needs to be somewhere you want to be and a smelly, sweaty floor provides the perfect excuse to skip your workout. Luckily, you only have to use mild soap and water to regularly wipe clean PVC flooring to avoid this. It doesn’t feel like a chore and, with the ability to withstand a number of vehicle chemicals, you can rest assured your floor will keep nice and clean. If you’re really thorough the cleaning regime can be part of your workout!

Always Look as Good as New

With a variety of colour options to choose from, you can personalise your work out area. Set up different sections of the space for different exercises, create a checkerboard design or other fun patterns, the choice is yours – and you can always change it round in the future. Plus, PVC floor tiles are mould, mildew and chemical resistant so they will always look fresh and vibrant.

Home Gym PVC Flooring from GFTC

Now that you’ve read all the amazing benefits of PVC flooring for your home gym, you must be wondering where to find it – Well, look no further! The Garage Floor Tile Company has the ideal Interlocking PVC Floor Tiles your home gym needs. Fun fact – with the interlocking design, your home gym flooring can move to absolutely anywhere you go.


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