Here's Why You NEED Interlocking Floor Tiles in 2020

Interlocking Floor Tiles Cheap

Easy to Install

It’s surprisingly easy to fit an entire garage floor by yourself without the need for any help. One of the main benefits of using interlocking floor tiles is the ease and speed of installation. All you need to do is line the tiles up and tap them together. You don’t need any special adhesives or underlays. You can find our installation guide here.

Easy to Maintain

Cleaning up dirt and dust is stress free with our interlocking floor tiles. You can treat your garage like any other floor in your house - all you need is a broom, vacuum or damp mop. If a specific area of your floor gets damaged or worn out, simply lift and replace tiles as required.

Protect Your Floor

Our 7mm thick tiles are durable and impact resistant. Some of our customers use them as a temporary protective covering to stop any potential damage and costly repair bills to the sub-floor. PVC interlocking floor tiles are designed to withstand heavy weights and vibrations so you can ensure your sub-floor won’t be affected.

Built to Last

All of our products are manufactured to the highest quality. Durability and dependency are at core of our manufacturing process. Every order comes with a 10-year warranty and in many garages the tiles last up to 20 years. We've been in business for such a long time so we’re pretty darn confident that we'll be here if you ever need replacements!Floor Tiles in Utility Room

No Damp Proof Membrane Needed

If you have an uneven, damp or contaminated floor, interlocking floor tiles can be used as a protective layer without the need for a damp proof membrane, screed or adhesive. All you have to do is tap them into place to create a moisture barrier.

Choice of Colours

Choose from Red, Blue, Graphite or Black to create your dream garage. We recommend using darker colours were wheels will sit. Our customers love our chequered bundles as they offer the best of both worlds.

Smart, Modern Appearance

Interlocking PVC floor tiles are not only durable in strength but in appearance too. Their appearance is smart and modern, as well as consistent and enduring so you won’t have to worry about wear and year. After an extended period of time, you may see some scuffs or wear, but this can be easily replaced as interlocking tiles can be snapped in and out quickly and efficiently.


Chemically Resistant

If you’re work with chemicals, solvents or oil, PVC interlocking floor tiles are the best choice for you. They are resistant to many corroding agents and chemicals, alongside alcohols, salts and petrol. For a full chemical resistance chart please contact us.

Reduces Dust, Shock and Noise

GFTC tiles are designed with shock and impact in mind so that dropping heavy equipment or operating heavy machinery doesn’t cause an issue. As an added bonus, they can also reduce noise by up to 46 decibels which is a noticeable difference.

Slip Resistant Floor Tiles

Since we have complete control of the texture and structure of each tile, we’ve equipped our floor tiles with more resistance and friction than traditional flooring solutions. All of our tiles achieve an R10 slip rating, which in lemans terms means it’s pretty difficult to slip over on one of our floors.


Due to the tightly interlocked joint, heat does not escape through the gaps in our tiles, and the cold and damp from the floor underneath cannot come through. The tiles also retain heat for a longer period of time so that your room maintains a consistent temperature.

PVC Floor Tiles

Move and Re-Use Interlocking Tiles

Simply replace tiles if they get scuffed or worn out or move them around as you require. It is quick and seamless to amend your floor layout whenever you fancy a change or you’re moving out.

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