John's Chequered Workshop

John's New Garage Floor

After working away in London and getting a letter to stay home for 12 weeks due to being in the extremely vulnerable category, I came home to realise I'd left the garage in a bit of a state with little room left to work in.

So I set about clearing the old bench, then one thing soon led to another and all of a sudden we had LED tubes, a colour scheme, a retractable air line, a soundproof compressor box, home work bench with internal baffles, a service hatch and removable front, with all ancillaries externally wall mounted and of course your floor tiles!

After ordering samples of many tiles available on the market and putting them to the test these seemed to be the ones more suited to my application due to their durability and texture. The sample was more scratch resistant and also more resistant to pressure than any other tile I'd tested.

John's Lockdown Floor
The task of fitting these floor tiles seemed a little daunting at first due to the fact my project car was on Axel stands with no fuel tank or any rear running gear and suspension for that matter.

Much to our delight these interlocking floor tiles were simple to cut and fit, making navigating our way around under the car much easier when laying.

Once fitted a quick wipe down with a microfiber mop and they really look the bees knees :)

Already we can feel the difference in comfort and thermal properties, would definitely recommend these to anybody looking for a premium finish floor in their garage.

Thank you very much Garage Floor Tile Company for providing such a durable and easy to fit product.

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