Dusty Garage Floor – Permanent Solution for Dusty Concrete

Does it ever feel like no matter how many times you clean your dusty garage floor it still remains dusty? This is a common problem many homeowners experience, but luckily there are many ways you can control the dust inside your garage.

Why is my Garage Floor so Dusty?

Garage floors are made of concrete and this is the major cause of dust. There are many reasons why dusty concrete becomes such a problem, including:

  • Inadequate mixing of the concrete, with excess clay or silt in the mixture.
  • Insufficient curing and sealing at the surface; if the concrete is not cured and sealed properly, moisture, oil and / or grease will slowly disintegrate the concrete therefore producing dust.
  • Excess bleed water during the finishing process; the excess water will rise to the surface, carrying finer particles to the concrete surface and therefore creating a weak, softer layer.

As these factors are all during installation, the concrete will constantly be in a state of disintegration. Simple actions such as foot traffic and cars moving over the surface will cause it to break down even more and produce dust. This is why your dusty garage floor never seems to get completely clean.

How to Manage Dusty Concrete Floors

Here are some useful ways to control and manage dusty concrete garage floors:

Repair or Replace Door Seals

If you have badly fitted or missing door seals, this will allow the breeze from the outside to enter your garage and cause friction on your dusty floor. It can also bring in dirt from outside, making your garage area untidy. By replacing and repairing loose and broken door seals, you can avoid this problem altogether.

AC/HVAC and Filters

An AC or HVAC heating or cooling system can be incredibly helpful when it comes to removing dust from your garage. The filter pulls particulates out of the air, essentially getting rid of excess dust from the concrete floor. However, if the filter gets clogged, it will not work as efficiently, gradually letting the dust build up as well as your energy bills. Make sure your AC/HVAC filters are cleaned and changed regularly and you will see the difference.

Stop Sweeping, Use a Vacuum

As well as foot traffic and vehicles aiding the disintegration of your concrete floor, cleaning can have an impact too – especially sweeping. By using a broom to clean your dusty garage floor, you are essentially moving and redistributing the dust rather than removing it. If you use a vacuum with a good internal filter, it will be able to catch fine dust and allow you to perform efficient ongoing cleaning.

PVA Glue

Polyvinyl acetate, commonly known as PVA, can be used as a concrete sealer to protect your concrete garage floor from disintegrating. After thoroughly cleaning the concrete, you apply PVA sealer with a paintbrush and after drying, it will leave a clean, not dusty, floor. But be warned, it can crack pretty quickly.

Sealants and Paints

Other sealants and paints, like PVA glue, can be used to resolve your dusty concrete problem. Penetrating concrete sealers go into the concrete rather than sitting on top of the surface, therefore hindering any moisture from entering and breaking the concrete down. It will also help prevent staining and fill in cracks to extend the life span of your garage floor, however, please be aware that paint doesn't last very long.

How to Eliminate Dust for Good

Although these ways will be helpful for managing your dusty garage floor, there is one solution which is completely permanent and will eradicate dust for good.

Interlocking PVC Garage Floor Tiles 

At GFTC, our interlocking PVC garage floor tiles are the perfect solution for a dust-free garage. No more dusty concrete, these easy to install tiles lock neatly together to keep all of the dust out, ensuring both the floor underneath and the finish of the tiles are excellent.

Ensuring your garage floor stays clean is always easy. Our Garage Floor Tile Company tiles can be cleaned with anything from a broom and mop to a rotary scrubber. To maintain and keep them tidy, we recommend using Dr Schutz Floor Care Kit. Then just follow our handy cleaning guide.


Contact us today for more information about our permanent solution to eliminate your dusty garage floor for good!

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