Vicky's Dream Blue Garage

Meet Vicky, an avid instagrammer who loves to share her interior design skills and show her followers her home renovation journey. The time had come for Vicky to do up the Garage and our tiles were clearly the perfect match for this beautiful Opel Speedster.

Vicky's Dream Garage

I knew exactly how I wanted the garage to look, so the choices were quality and cost and by far the best of both worlds is from The Garage Floor Tile Company.

My garage floor was recently laid nevertheless minor bumps and dips made it difficult to move my car around on its wheel dollies, it now glides.  Also being freshly laid, with people popping in out of the garage the concrete dust kicked up and settling on my car was far from ideal, not a problem now.  The tiles are extremely easy to lay and to cut so a great finish is easy to achieve and in very little time.

 Garage Floor from above

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