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Here's Steve's Workshop Transformation Story

Steve's Workshop Flooring
"I’ve lived at my current property for 4 years and had previously had a painted floor in my workshop. I have a lot of heavy tools and unfortunately, over time the paint chipped and left a dusty mess on the floor where the concrete beneath became chipped. I like to work in a clean environment as so this always annoyed me. I’d seen various tiled products on the market but as my kit is really heavy i didn’t want to use the foam options that i found in the big chain stores. I needed something that would stand up to heavy use and that, if i really needed to, could be replaced if damaged.

I found Garage Floor Tile Company online and liked how slick the tiles looked and considering the size of my workshop, wasn’t too expensive. I ordered and the tiles were delivered really quickly.

Steve's Workshop

Installation was super easy and the tiles are easily cut to size. I used a Stanley blade to begin with but ended up settling on a jigsaw which was much quicker and easier on my hands and forearms. I used a rubber mallet to install the tiles which is most definitely required if marks on the tiles are to be avoided. I also used an off cut of tile to focus the impact of the mallet onto the tile being installed. This worked great and left no marks,

I’m really happy with my new floor. Only downside is that I’m now sweeping up every two seconds to make sure it stays clean and tidy!"

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