Reprocessed 13m² Garage Bundle in Graphite

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Garage Floor Tile Company's reprocessed PVC garage floor tile bundle in Graphite. A sustainable, lower cost alternative to our original garage floor tile bundle.

This bundle contains:

  • 52 x Reprocessed PVC Graphite Tiles
  • 5 x Reprocessed PVC Graphite Ramps
  • This bundle will cover up to 13.08m² including the ramps 

Our reprocessed PVC material takes carefully sourced pre-consumer waste back to the first stage of plastic processing. This process yields superior quality and strength over standard recycled PVC and ensures a consistent colour throughout every tile.

RX500 PVC garage floor tiles are just as tough and durable as our original X-joint product and offer all the same great benefits. And just like all our tiles, they’re 100% recyclable at the end of their useful life – ensuring we continue our drive for zero to landfill.

If there's no difference in quality, what's the catch?

Our reprocessed RX tiles measure 495mm x 495mm and are currently available in 2 classic colours, Black and Graphite. And they don’t fit together with standard X500 Garage Floor Tiles. (so if it’s a bold coloured design you’re looking to achieve, you’ll need to choose our original X500 tiles).

Additionally our PVC reprocessing capacity is limited, which means we can only produce a set quantity of tiles each month. To secure your RX500 tiles, we recommend purchasing promptly to ensure you don't miss out.

Due to the manufacturing process, the RX ramps may have some colour difference to the RX tiles.

Unfortunately, logos cannot be printed onto RX tiles.

Ready to transform your garage with our new eco-friendly tiles? 

Manufactured by us in the U.K. from 100% PVC.  Easy to clean and maintain. View installation guide.


Delivery Information

Your order will arrive at your home within 3-5 working days. Due to our demanding production schedule we can not always guarantee that this product is available. If your order is not available we will do our best to manufacture it within 3-5 days and keep you informed.

Dimensions & Specifications

Dimensions: 495 mm x 495 mm
Thickness: 7.44 mm
Weight: 121 kg
Material: Reprocessed PVC
Join Type: X Joint Reprocessed
Connects With: X Joint Reprocessed Only
Slip Resistance: R10 Slip Resistant
Fire Rating: Bfl-S1 - Does not support combustion
Hardness: 89-92 Shore A

Important Information - Read Before Purchasing

We recommend that you read the following information before purchasing. Click the button below to view the information.

Do not attempt to use these tiles outdoors. If areas of your floor are exposed to direct sunlight or fluctuating temperatures adhesive may be required. Call us if you are not sure about your application.

If you order over 10m2 of tiles, your goods will arrive on a pallet which means it could arrive on an articulated lorry. Please advise if this is a problem when placing your order (in the notes section at the checkout)

It is possible that certain rubber tyres and wheels may stain the tile (and many other types of flooring). This is a result of a chemical reaction that occurs between the anti-oxidant that is used in some rubbers and the plasticizer used in vinyl. The stain/reaction is brown in colour so is less visible in certain colours of tile (dark grey, graphite and black). 

Unfortunately, this is a problem that flooring industry can not solve any easier than the tyre industry can make tyres without the use of these chemicals.  Because we know the problem is random and we are unable to fully prevent these occasions, GFTC makes no warranties as to potential tyre staining and will not be held liable for any claims made where tyre staining occurs.

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    Resistant to oils and commonly used chemicals

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