T Joint - Black 7mm Recycled Tile (Price per M²)

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If you’re looking for high-quality flooring for your garage, you’re in the right place.

Cover your garage with this black recycled tile for timeless appeal; one of the most popular colour choices for home garages. The T style interlocking design allows for easy installation, with minimum preparation and no requirement for adhesives.

Comfortable underfoot; the textured surface is anti-slip, so it’s a perfect choice for garages, gyms, or other rooms in the home where comfort and safety are essential.  Manufactured by us in the U.K. from 100% recycled PVC.  Easy to clean and maintain. Curious on how to install these tiles? Here's our installation guide.


These recycled tiles features our T joint connection and will not interlock with the X Joint tiles and ramps which are also available on this website.

The recycled black tile will not fit together with any other T joint tiles sold on this website either.

This also means that our recycled tiles have their own ramps which are not compatible with any other tile.

Delivery Information

Your order will arrive at your home within 3-5 working days. Due to our demanding production schedule we can not always guarantee that this product is available. If your order is not available we will do our best to manufacture it within 3-5 days and keep you informed.

Dimensions & Specifications

Dimensions: 500 mm x 500 mm
Thickness: 7.44 mm
Weight: 9.18 kg
Material: Recycled PVC
Join Type: T Joint Recycled
Connects With: T Joint Recycled Tiles Only
Slip Resistance: R10 Slip Resistant
Fire Rating: Bfl-S1 - Does not support combustion
Hardness: 89-92 Shore A

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How To Install

Garage Floor Tile Company’s tiles are easy to install yourself. All that is required is a rubber mallet, measuring equipment and something to cut the tiles with.

Make sure to leave the tiles in the space you are installing them in for 24 hours before you begin putting them down to allow them to acclimatise.

Sweep the floor to make sure there is no debris beforehand. There is no other preparation needed.Make sure you measure accurately with a tape measure before beginning to make sure of the best fit. Leave a 10mm gap between the tiles and walls to allow for heat expansion.

Watch the video below for step-by-step instructions of how to install your tiles

Important Information - Read Before Purchasing

We recommend that you read the following information before purchasing. Click the button below to view the information.

Do not attempt to use these tiles outdoors. If areas of your floor are exposed to direct sunlight or fluctuating temperatures adhesive may be required. Call us if you are not sure about your application.

These recycled tiles feature our T joint connection, meaning they aren’t compatible with our X Joint tiles which are available on this site.

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Our Promise To You

  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Over 500 Reviews
  • Fast Delivery
  • Tile Specifications

    Size: 50cm x 50cm Thickness: 7mm

  • Made In The UK & Delivered To Your Home

    Proud to fly the flag for British quality

  • Chemical Resistant

    Resistant to oils and commonly used chemicals

  • Save time on installation

    No glues, experience or special tools required

  • Ultra-tough & Dependable

    Virtually indestructible performance - It is quite simply without a rival

  • Breathe life into your dusty and cold garage

    Eliminate dust, damp and cold in just one day

  • Built to endure and guaranteed to perform

    Lifespan of 20+ years

  • Avoid Discomfort, Fatigue And Back Pain

    Designed to provide optimal surface and density for comfort


Garage Floor Tile Company


Manufactured in the UK using the highest quality material.

Solid PVC all the way through.

Lifetime guarantee.

Excellent customer service with 25+ years of experience.

Extremely tough and durable (lifespan of 20+ years).


More expensive option.

Tiles cannot be used outdoors.

Tiles are heavier than competition.


Durability (MORE IS BETTER)

LEAD TIME LEAD TIME (less is faster)

Installation difficulty (less is better)


Competitor tiles


Cheap (usually designed for temporary use).

Lightweight due to less material.

Easy to Install (doesn't require rubber mallet due to softness of tile).

Suitable solution if you don't mind replacing the floor every few years.


Cheap imported tiles. We are the one of two UK manufacturers.

Long lead times and short lifespan.

Unknown sourced plastics used in manufacturing process (causes strong odour).

Tiles often don't fit together.

Easily damaged.


Durability (MORE IS BETTER)

LEAD TIME (less is faster)

Installation difficulty (less is better)