Harry Main's Dream Garage Transformation

Liverpool-born Harry Main is sponsored by companies including Monster Energy, The Wandering, Hyper, Skullcandy, Vans, Kunstform, Failure Bikes and Snafu. Harry first started riding a BMX at the age of 11, was taking part in competitive events at 16, and turned pro two years later.

Harry Main has confirmed his reputation as one of the best BMX park riders around, putting out some of the most progressive web videos around via his YouTube channel with just under a million subscribers. His awesome abilities and super-friendly personality means he will always be popular within the community.

Harry needed a home for his VW Gold R but most importantly a safe place to keep his bikes. Documentating his entire garage project on Youtube, he started building out the garage himself, opting to do most of the work DIY style. A full workshop area was added before it came to choosing the brand new floor.

Harry opted for a chequered floor in black and graphite, which he absolutely loved. Why not check out the video below to see Harry's full reaction in all it's glory!

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