Gym Floor Tiles - How to Choose?

Gym Floor Tiles

Are the most used form of gym flooring. This is due to the tough nature of PVC which can withstand the heavy and constant use. Tiles are available in 49x49 CMS and 1 Mt X 1 Mt. Tiles and rolls are generally produced from either rubber or PVC compounds. You can cut, the tiles very easy (with a Stanley knife) they are also very simple to install yourself in a home Gym.

You can choose gym floor Tiles for your home gym, garage gym, and commercial gym. The GFTC offers you a wide range of gym floor options simply click the product type selection menu and choose from our great range. Buy it Here

If you need any help you can contact our online sales help service via online chat system on the right bottom corner of your screen.

Gym Floor Mats

Rolls as gym mats are generally available in 10 meters length or custom cut lengths. You can cut and adjust the rubber rolls to your commercial gym or home gym by your self. These rolls range from recycled plastic to untraceable materials so unfortunately, this is a product that will have to be replaced very regularly. 



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