12 Insane Garage Storage Ideas That You Can Use Today (Updated 2019)

Are you making the most of your garage? Fed up seeing stuff you never use but can’t quite bring yourself to recycle or throw away? Garages slowly get fuller and fuller until one weekend you can’t take it any longer and have a really good clear out. It’s extremely satisfying but then somehow it starts filling up again, and before you know it your garage makes you feel irritated and guilty because it’s in such a state.

But it doesn’t have to be that way! At The Garage Floor Tile Company, we believe you should get a warm fuzzy feeling when you think about your garage. It can be a truly useful and pleasant part of your home where you’re happy to spend time and where everything is stored neatly in its place. We’ve compiled this list of garage storage ideas that will transform your garage into a room when coupled with our garage floor tiles – let’s take a look!

Before we start

Here are some garage storage ideas that never quite made the cut, but I think they are worth mentioning:

• Long handle tool racks
• A desk or workspace that can fold out when required
• Storage racks for wooden panels and offcuts
• Hang clamps to the sides of cabinets or doors
• Store paints in a metal lock box
• Create a charging area for all of your power tools
• Use labels so it’s impossible to forget where things are

Looking for a premium solution?

We recommend you get in touch with GaragePride who are a leading provider of storage solutions and will help you transform a sub-par room into the ultimate dream workshop. Get in touch and the team will help you design and build your garage from the ground up.

Up, up and out of the way!

Get items off the floor and out of sight. Take advantage of the wasted space over your head and safely store all of your items on a ceiling-mounted storage rack. We recommend you check out this HyLoft Ceiling Storage Kit, but you could always build wooden tracks or mount wire shelving to the joists. For bonus points, store your items in colour-coded plastic boxes.

HyLoft Ceiling Kit

Holds up to 200 pounds per kit. The unit is height adjustable from 17-inches to 26-inches and fits almost any joist spacing. Can be used with or without a platform. £35.02 incl. VAT (August 2019)

View on Amazon

Hang up the gloves… and your tools

These easy to mount hooks by Burwell are a great place to start, you can hang your gardening tools from them so they’re easily accessible and visible. Say goodbye to tripping over the rake and never being able to find your trowel when you want it! (Mine is usually in a bag of compost.)

Burwells Tool Hanging Rack

Eleven hooks cleverly staggered to maximise use of space. Made of sturdy 5mm metal with green protective coating for added durability.

View on Amazon

Make room ...for more bikes

Whether you’re a keen cyclist who covers hundreds of miles every weekend or someone who likes to pootle off to your local farmer’s market on your old pushbike, this rack is incredibly good value and can store 2 bikes!

Wall Mounted 2 Bike Storage

They can be fixed onto the wall to provide a convenient, space saving method of storing upto 2 bicycles. Features a convenient shelf for storing cycling gear like helmet, pads etc. Adjustable arms fold against the wall when not in use.

View on Amazon

Just a little bit higher!

Many of us have a hard-to-reach cupboard in our homes where we store things we want to forget about, such as horrible wedding presents. But every now and again when the relatives are popping over you need to get them out. Standing on a chair isn’t safe and won’t do your chair any good either so we recommend this convenient folding 2 step stool that keeps you safe and folds away tidily when you don’t need it.

Addis Stool Tools

Convenient and easy to use, this folding step stool comes complete with carry handle and non slip surface.

View on Amazon

Two sides to every story

Shelves have two sides, and usually only one of them gets used. You could save so much space by hanging tools from hooks on the underside of shelves. As an added bonus, you can also find wire baskets and hang them from the underneath of the shelf giving you twice as much storage in the same amount of space!

Metaltex My Shelf

Designed and made in Italy, with a high quality finish and solid construction. Installation is simple, just slide the hanging arms onto the underside of a shelf or cabinet and screw into place.

View on Amazon

The place where screws go to die

If you’re someone who collects bits and bobs because they might come in useful one day, then these plastic organiser boxes are for you. It’s easy to see what’s in the box without opening it and the pretty colours will add a certain je ne sais quoi to the dingiest garage!

Really Useful Organiser

Ensure all your essentials are within your reach with the Really Useful Organiser Pack.

View on Amazon

The daddy of all garage storage ideas

Everyone’s garage stores different items, and that’s why this wall rack is the most versatile product we’ve seen. It is expandable and can be used to hang boxes of different shapes, colours and sizes but is also perfect for tools, clamps and longer items. A completely modular system that will make your garage so much easier to organise.

Deuba Garage Wall Rack

The perfect storage solution for tools, small parts and accessories.

View on Amazon

Tough around the edges

If you’re looking for something a bit more durable, you can explore these steel storage cupboards with high shelf load capacities. These bad boys are secure and reinforced, and look absolutely fantastic.

GaragePride Steel Shelves

Durable steel storage cupboards for premium garages.


The classic peg board

Not as impressive as the storage bin system, but can be very versatile depending on what you are trying to achieve. Buying a blank peg board and finding your own hooks is a cheaper way to build a storage wall, but will likely frustrate you as finding the right peg sizes for your tools is not as easy as it looks!

Sealey Steel Pegboard

Perforated hook board for hanging tools to ensure they are close to hand.

View on Amazon

The magnetic force is with you

These magnetic wall strips are super easy to set up and are actually rather durable. I’ve had fun throwing tools at the wall trying to get them to stick! These are great for displaying your most commonly used tools so that they are easy to grab and put away.

Rolson 42462 Magnetic Tool Holder

These magnetized holders are of different sizes and will fit on any wall so you can attach all those metallic items that you need to keep at hand.

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Get your ladder out of the way

I don’t know about you, but my ladder always gets in the way and I never do anything about it. It’s so easy to hang a ladder on the wall or a ceiling using long U hooks and they are fairly cost effective too.

ST7004B 6 Garage Storage Hooks

An assorted size set of 6 multipurpose storage hooks in black. Perfect for organising those often neglected areas of the home such as sheds, garages and workshops.

View on Amazon

Don’t forget to lay our floor tiles first

Of course don’t forget to lay our floor tiles first to eliminate dust and create a warm comfortable surface in your garage. DIY projects, tinkering with your car or just hiding from your other half will be much more enjoyable on one of our floors! So there you have it – 12 brilliant garage storage ideas that will revolutionise your garage/workshop and make organisation so much easier.

Garage Floor Tile

Durable, tough and dependable floor tiles that will eliminate dust in your garage.

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