Don't lock away your garage this Autumn

Don’t lock away your garage this Autumn

As temperatures start to drop and leaves begin to fall, it can only mean one thing, the start of the Autumn season. But before you hibernate indoors, it’s important to have your home set for the months ahead. As part of these preparations, garages naturally get placed lower down in the pecking order, becoming dead space that is neglected and locked away until Spring.

Let’s face it though, whilst garages are great extensions to the home, providing additional storage and multi-purpose use, they’ve never been built to make enduring colder months within them comfortable. But that doesn’t mean they should be forgotten as they can often be adapted to help continue making use of them.

Interlocking floor tiles are a great place to start in readiness for the changing seasons. They provide a great base for improving your garage floor by making it more comfortable underfoot and protecting you from the cold and unforgiving concrete floor.


Setting PBs from your garage

Working out in the cold can be tough. The effort to get to the gym before or after a long day of work can become an incredible ask, especially when daylight hours start to get shorter. Even training from the comfort of your home, in the garage, can be an unwelcoming thought in the cold, and excuses often get in the way of achieving your fitness goals. By simply adding interlocking floor tiles to your garage, you can quickly revitalize your garage floor and make the extra space accommodative for training activities, motivating you to achieve more in the coming months.


Keeping your home workshop warm

If you’ve built a home workshop, it doesn’t have to spend the next few months sitting idle. Introducing interlocking flooring in your garage can make your hobby more enjoyable and removes discomfort from a cold concrete floor.


Continue working on your car

If you’ve had a personal project on, like building a kit car, working on a classic motor, or just enjoy maintaining your own car, the weather doesn’t have to get in the way. It may sound easier to hold it off until the weather improves, but it becomes worthwhile and rewarding when you’re able to continue the project in preparation for Spring.  Installing interlocking floor tiles in your garage can facilitate for these activities as it makes working under a car easier and with its heavy-duty nature can withstand vehicles parked on them.


Take the next step

Order a free coaster sized sample and get a feel for our flooring solution, or dive straight in and choose from our interlocking range of single, double or triple bundle options. And, as we’re a UK based manufacturer there’s no need to be left waiting around either, we could deliver your order within a couple of days.  

If you have any questions or need advice, check out our FAQs page or send us an email and we’ll be happy to help.

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